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It All Begins with a Word

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It All Begins with a Word
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Entrancing thoughts from the literary world

In today’s fast-paced digital age, dominated by images, when was the last time you slowed down and savoured the sonorous sound of a well-turned phrase, the appealing rhythms of prose, or the lingering beauty of verse?

For internationally renowned Hong Kong media artist Hung Keung, reading and the world of literature have been constant companions from an early age, and his love of words has inspired many of his cross-disciplinary creations to date.

This year, Hung and his creative partners have joined forces to present a multifaceted reading experience online. Drawing from famous local authors from the 1960s to 1990s, this novel take on Hong Kong writing intrepidly adds in moving image and dance to explore the essence of literary perception.

And unlike most works of art, which are published, performed, or go on show when completed, It All Begins with a Word is set to unfold in phases on social media and a bespoke project website. The virtual events also serve as fascinating lead-ins to a real-world installation next year.

Yet our relationship with text and the arts involves more than looking. It encompasses creating. Hung has thus formulated several interactive online games where you can reassemble words and physical movements the way you want them to be, providing a dynamic taste of what it is like to be a writer and a choreographer.

An extraordinary literary journey that will truly renew your vision.

Creative Theme

The theme and concept are derived from the words "read" and "travel" in "Reading thousands of books is not as good as travelling thousands of miles", which are developed further into four groups of video art elements – objects, animals, people and space. The content is based on the poems, proses and novels of famous Hong Kong writers such as Liu Yichang (劉以鬯), Leung Ping-kwan [Ye Si] (也斯), Xi Xi (西西), Lee Ka-sing (李家昇), Holly Lee (黃楚喬), Wu Xubin (吳煦斌), Shu Hong-sing (舒巷城), He Di (禾迪), Ah Lam (阿藍), Chan Wai (陳慧) and Cheng Wai-pang (小西). The creative team extracts bits and pieces from the writings and transforms them into works of different artistic media. The four groups of elements bring the audience back to 1960s–80s Hong Kong, where they will follow the writers’ footprints to revisit the various stages of their lives.

Creative Team

Artistic Concept & Creative Curatorship

Hung Keung

Artistic Presentation

imhk lab

Performance Production


Media Technology Consultant & Production


Spatial Design & Kinetic Consultant

Milk Design

Spatial Construction

Pointsman Art Creation

Sound & Music

Edmund Leung

Choreography & Performance

Chan Wai-lok, Ivy Tsui, Yang Hao

Casting, Styling & Fashion Design

Trista Ma


Roland Au Chun-shing, Micky Chan Wai-yat, Vincent Chiu Chi-wai, Nelson Hiu, Carmen Lee, Lun, Tonia Wan

Chinese Opera Performance

Kwong Tsz-wong

Chinese Opera Costumes & Props

Mock Sum-yee

Creative Collaborators (Animation / Video / Interactivity / 3D)

Bitterboysdiary, Michelle Chan Ming-wai, Jeffrey Chan, Kei Chan, Orson Chan, Wing Chan, Xavier Ho, Dust Hung, imhk lab, Iu Chun, Jenny Kong, Kenji, Kongkee, Charlie Kwong Tak-hei, Charles Lai, Lam Kin-choi, Wing Lee, Leung Hoi-ying, Lo Man-hong, Trista Ma, Roy Ng, Jack Ngai, Nine Monkeys Workshop, Rockwater, Timothy So Chi-lok, Kelvin Tang, Tsui Brothers, Kitty Wu Hoi-shan, Yip Long-hin, Eric Yu Ka-hei

Visual Imaging, Photography, Calligraphy & Typography Design

Kei Chan

Moving Image - Director

Orson Chan

Moving Image - Assistant Director

Kay Li

Moving Image - Producer

Sim Hui

Production Assistants

Alison Chen, Jerry Cheng, Dolfi Mok, Chiu Wu

Directors of Photography

Ming Lau, Sang Leung

Camera & Lighting Crew

Sam Chan, Fai Cheung, Nelson Hiu, Jack Leung

Makeup & Hair Styling

Sincere Fung

Styling Assistant

Alison Chen


Orson Chan


Hung Keung & Creative Team

Special thanks to

Chui Chi-lun, Ng Siu-wai, ngau4 gat1 dei6, Joy Wu Ka-yu

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