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Live mini concert with artist sharing
Host: Kung Chi-shing
Steve Hui (aka Nerve)
Jasper Fung
Vanissa Law
Alex Yiu (aka Alexmalism)
Fiona Lee

Challenge your mindset, push your ears to the creative edge

Imagine you are at the Ladies’ Market in Mongkok and your eyes are closed. How long could you stay amid the cacophony surrounding you?

While our eyes are usually more accepting of jumbled sights or disarray, our ears tend to be less willing to compromise, immediately demanding that we try to shut out what lies beyond our individual boundaries of “pleasant”.

Similarly, despite people being born with the ability to appreciate music, through its resonance with our emotions, we often find it difficult to embrace works hard to listen to due to pitch, volume, or type of sound.

So what is the key to great sonic art?

In this intriguing five-part programme, E(ar)-Storm takes you down a road less travelled in Hong Kong into the world of experimental music. Here, five key figures from the boundary-stretching scene introduce their notable achievements and the ideas behind them.

Time to tune in to bold new acoustic experiences beyond your traditional comfort zone!

Creative Team

Programme Curator

Kung Chi-shing

Sound Artist

Fiona Lee

Experimental Music Artist

Alex Yiu (aka Alexmalism)

Experimental Musician

Vanissa Law


Jasper Fung

Multidisciplinary Artist

Steve Hui (aka Nerve)

Production Team

Video Production

Plate Creations Limited, Eric Tsang Hing-weng, Yip Tsz-wah, Lau Kok-rui, Tam Shiu-fung, Chan Chak-long, Yeh Ka-lun

Sound Engineer

Anthony Yeung

Project Coordinator

Endarra Chiu

Venue & Technical Support

Twenty Alpha

The presenter reserves the right to change the programme, artists and release time.
The content of the programme does not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.