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Full-length Video Recording
360° Virtual Journey
Interview 1: Cross-silo Collaborations
Interview 2: A Song of Air
Interview 3: The Greenhouse as Context
Interview 4: A Resilient Production
Release date
Release time
360° Virtual Journey*
12 Nov
Full-length Video Recording
31 Dec
*Best experienced wearing VR goggles and headphones
*To watch the VR film with VR goggles, play the video with YouTube App and select “Watch in VR )” , place your smartphone in the VR goggles and enjoy!

A Nocturne in the Key of Air

Breathing life into big data and animated by children’s imagination, Aria is an ethereal encounter of vocal performances, dance and immersive light installations in a night-time conservatory. Responsive to the ongoing pandemic and a new vision for what international productions may become, the pathbreaking promenade experience unites the Grammy and Pulitzer Prize-winning Theatre of Voices, appearing via hologram, the Hong Kong Children’s Choir and cross-disciplinary artists in a song of air beyond the Anthropocene.

Aria is a promenade experience woven with music, art and dance that takes visitors through a night-time greenhouse.
The VR version of Aria offers a 360-degree viewing experience, with cameras set at the POVs of insects, birds and more.
Members of the Hong Kong Children's Choir catch their breath in the overheated Anthropocene.
Theatre of Voices (Denmark) shares the stage with Hong Kong Children's Choir – a new vision for a more sustainable and resilient form of international productions.
Theatre of Voices “performs” in Hong Kong as ethereal projection on mist and flowing air.

Live Performance


Forsgate Conservatory, Hong Kong Park


12–15, 19-22/11
All sessions are full. Thank you for your support!

Entry Time

6:15 & 7:30 pm
Each session runs approximately 80 minutes.
Free admission. Registration required.

Please click HERE for downloading the programme note.

Online registration

Begins at 10 am, 11 / 11. Click HERE to register*.
Limited capacity. First come first served.
*Registration website best viewed with Chrome or Safari.

Programme Enquiries

2591 1340

Points to note

  1. The programme is for age 6 or above. Children under 12 should be accompanied by adults.
  2. The programme is a promenade experience and participants have to walk for around 30-45 minutes. There are staircases along the way. We regret that not the entire journey is accessible to wheelchair users.
  3. Please be cautious that some scenes are dimly lit. Laser lights are also used and please do not look directly at the light source.
  4. Please arrive 5-10 minutes in advance for registration. Latecomers will not be admitted after the journey commences.
  5. Participants must wear a mask and go through temperature screening at the registration counter. Please abide by the prevailing social distancing guidelines.



Prof Johnny Poon

Associate Conductors

Dominic Lam
Vivian Suen

Conductor, Theatre of Voices

Paul Hillier

Choral Performers

Theatre of Voices (Denmark)*
*Via hologram
Hong Kong Children’s Choir


Natalie Chan Mei-kuen
Carman Li Ka-man^
Hui Ka-chun
Liu Heung-man
King Lo King-san^
Emily Ng Mei-yee
^Performing for virtual journey

Creative and Production Team

Composer / Artistic Director (Music)

Eugene A. Birman

Artistic Director (Visual)

Kingsley Ng


Stephanie Cheung

Technical Director

Jason Wong

Stage Manager

Voyu Tsui Wai-hong

Deputy Stage Manager

Ho Tak-ching

Lighting Designer

Lee Chi-wai

Sound System Designer

Lou Jin-ming

Sound Engineer

Giovanni Santini


Scott Diel

Costume Designer

Hofi Man Ho-yin

Project Manager

Nicky Liang

Floor Manager

Felix Yiu

Video Coordinator

Jessie Coo

Video Production

On the Paper

A Partnership Project of

The presenter reserves the right to change the programme, artists and release time.
The content of the programme does not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.